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Why a Tree Contractor Would Suggest Planting Trees During Autumn Season

Planting Trees During Autumn Season

Autumn is the best time to plant trees, as it offers a variety of benefits. Trees planted in autumn can survive harsh weather conditions, and they will also grow faster than at other times of the year. The ground needs to be moist, but not saturated and waterlogged; this means you won’t have any issues watering your new addition. You can also choose from a larger selection of trees when choosing one for planting in autumn compared to spring or summertime. Here are common reasons why a professional tree contractor would suggest planting trees during the autumn season.

Autumn Season Offers Moderate Temperatures

It’s important to remember that the climate in autumn is much less extreme than in winter, which means there are fewer chances of frost damage. In addition, moderate temperatures keep your tree healthy and happy during its first few years of growth. Because of good weather conditions, tree planting during this season makes it more easier to work with.

Less Watering Is Required

You might be thinking that it’s too late to plant a tree in the autumn, but there are some benefits to doing so. In addition to being able to plant your tree at any time of year and having less watering required, trees can also survive winter much better than other plants due to their hardiness.

Planting During Autumn Season Can Establish a Healthy Root System to Help Survive Weather Conditions

Trees need to be planted at the correct depth for their root system to grow properly for them to survive harsh weather conditions. Planting trees during fall can ensure a healthy root system for your trees. Proper drainage prevents water from pooling and helps prevent root rot and other diseases.

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