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Three Tips for Keeping Your Trees Healthy From an Expert Tree Contractor

Protect Your Trees

One of the joys of living in the country is being surrounded by big, wonderful trees. Not only do they add shade and beauty, but they also add greatly to the value of your property. Replacing even a small tree can run into hundreds of dollars. It only makes sense, then, to protect your investment and nurture trees so they can be appreciated for generations. Here are three tips for keeping your trees healthy from an expert tree contractor.

Back off.

The good news is that, for the most part, trees can fend for themselves. After all, those centuries-old beauties you see dotting the countryside didn’t get that way with lots of fussing and primping.

Watch where you dig.

Construction is probably the biggest killer of mature trees, especially when heavy equipment is involved. Consider the case of a Missouri couple who designed the driveway of their new house around a glorious 200-year-old tree. They laid the driveway and the tree promptly died. Even if it seems construction is taking place relatively far away from a tree, remember that a root system can extend two to three times farther than the branches.

Don’t overwater or overfertilize.

For the most part, a mature tree needs little assistance when it comes to food and water. While trees planted in the last three or four years benefit from additional fertilizing and watering, large trees can actually be damaged by fertilizer and too much water. They can also be damaged by lawn and garden herbicide applications — another good reason to lay down that big circle of mulch so you’re not pouring chemicals into at least part of the tree’s roots.

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