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Proper Lawn Maintenance Can Reduce Risk of Tree Damage From Summer Storms

Reducing the Risk of Tree Damage From Summer Storms

There are a few things you can do to assist in lowering your risk of tree damage if you want to prevent the need for tree removal this season. Although wind and rain are frequently present in warm weather, good lawn maintenance can help prevent broken and fallen trees despite summer storms.


One of your trees may be harmed by winds of the same strength, but nearby trees may not be affected. This is so because the wind independently impacts each tree. Compared to trees with fewer leaves and branches, those with dense foliage will block more wind and are more prone to break. Your trees are less likely to sustain damage from summer storms when properly pruned. Experts in tree care can prune your trees to lessen the drag they produce and so assist in safeguarding them from harm. If you plan to plant more trees, think about clustering them together so they can act as a windbreak for one another.


Your trees’ root systems may be affected if your region experiences frequent severe storms. Strong winds can undermine its root system even if a tree is strong and established. Mulch should be placed around your trees’ bases to provide protection during stormy weather. By shielding your trees from the wind, mulching will keep them firmly planted in the ground.


Trees that are young or unsteady could benefit from staking. When a tree’s root system is still growing or if it has been damaged, a staking system aids in anchoring it to the ground. Cables, braces, and props can support the weight of weak branches and trunks on mature trees with structural problems. Only utilize these devices if there is a strong likelihood that they will hold a tree securely during inclement weather. Severely unstable trees might represent a safety hazard for your home and family and may need removal.

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